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About Us

Ashte Logistics Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, has established a cutting-edge Container Freight Station (CFS) in the picturesque Ashte Village, Panvel, nestled near the bustling Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Navi Mumbai. The Ashte CFS sprawls over an expansive upto 90,000 square meters, boasting meticulously designed warehouses dedicated to facilitating seamless import and export operations. Additionally, its well-paved yard stands ready to graciously host over 4000 containers concurrently, ensuring efficient cargo handling in a splendid setting.

  • State Of The Art Infrastructure

    Ashte Logistics Pvt. Ltd. boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure with a state-of-the-art Container Freight Station (CFS) and a dedicated team, ensuring seamless logistics solutions.

  • Modern equipment and machinery

    Our infrastructure features the latest in advanced equipment and machinery.

  • Customs EDI connectivity

    We've established robust infrastructure with seamless Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connectivity.

  • Best Optimised & Secure Software

    We employ the industry's finest, most optimized, and secure software solutions.

Our Services

Our Services


We direct efforts towards offering fastest evacuation from the port for your imports, so you can save on time. Our own equipment like Stacker cranes and trailers ensure minimum dependence on anyone else and help us optimise operations.


Our digital systems help you track and trace your cargo and technology like RFID-enabled transactions ensure convenience, reliability and ease of operations.


We’ve made sure to bring you world-class facilities by complying with international standards and acquiring accreditations along with Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification and Advancing towards Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (Upcoming C-TPAT) compliance.


To ensure smooth movement of your cargo, we offer bonded and non-bonded warehousing, as well as complete support of our team as you process your cargo through customs

Empty Container Yard

Handling Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) poses many challenges. But with our wide range of experience and equipped with the right equipment, we overcome these and enable smooth shipment for your cargo.


Our team of experts, armed with years of industry experience, will be dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your packaging needs will be catered to with utmost care and professionalism. We understand that your goods are valuable, and we will treat them as such.

Hazardous Cargo

Our Hazardous Cargo services prioritize the smooth and secure movement of your goods. We offer both bonded and non-bonded warehousing options, complemented by our dedicated team's full support as your cargo goes through customs.

Best Delivery

At Ashte Logistic Group, we understand that handling Over-Dimensional Cargo (ODC) presents unique challenges. However, our extensive experience and well-equipped team enable us to tackle these challenges effectively, ensuring the seamless and efficient shipment of your cargo. We take pride in providing top-notch services that you can rely on.

ISO Tank

"We advancing a diverse range of ISO tanks tailored to your cargo requirements, accompanied by rigorous safety protocols. Our approach includes continuous monitoring, precise tracking and tracing capabilities, and insulation to safeguard your cargo from external factors."

Specialized Cargo Handling

"With our extensive experience and specialized equipment, we ensure the secure transportation of your Over-Dimensional and Out of Gauge cargo. Our expertise guarantees smooth operations, minimizing the risk of damage or significant delays."

Reefer Monitoring Service

"If you require the transportation of perishable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive items, we provide specialized storage and shipment solutions using reefer containers. Our advanced temperature control ensures the safe transport of your valuable cargo, maintaining its integrity throughout the journey."

Direct Port Delivery

"When it comes to Direct Port Delivery, we offer a proactive solution. In the event that you require additional time for cargo clearance directly from the wharf, we step in to swiftly relocate your cargo to a designated yard, warehouse, or alternative storage facility. This service ensures the efficient handling and safeguarding of your valuable goods, giving you peace of mind."


As you expand your business horizons in imports and exports, rest assured with Ashte Logistics. Our pan-India Container Freight Station (CFS) services set the gold standard for cargo security, meeting international safety norms. We excel in handling Over-Dimensional Cargo and hazardous materials, ensuring your cargo's safety on every journey. Choose Ashte Logistics, where excellence meets security, and your success is our commitment.

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Award for Excellence in CFS Operation-India Maritime Awards

We proudly claim the title of "Excellence in CFS Operation-India Maritime Awards." At Ashte Logistics, we define excellence in CFS services. Join us for award-winning logistics expertise that sets new standards. Your cargo's journey deserves the best, and that's what we deliver.

Elevating Excellence: Ashte Logistics

We proudly claim the title of "Container Freight Station Operator of the Year (FCL)." At Ashte Logistics, we define excellence in FCL services. Join us for award-winning logistics expertise that sets new standards. Your cargo's journey deserves the best, and that's what we deliver.

  • Best In Import, Export & Specialised Cargo Handling.
  • Best Delivery With Reefer Monitoring Service
  • Bonded & Non-Bonded Warehouse With Direct Port Delivery Service

Experience Effortless Excellence with Ashte Logistics

Unlock a world of convenience and elegance with our cutting-edge digital tools like the vision CFS portal. Seamlessly upload documents, generate reports, and access real-time updates.

As part of the Ashte Logistics Group, we offer global connectivity to 180 countries and tailor-made logistics solutions, including first and last-mile deliveries. Contact us to elevate your logistics experience to exceptional levels of efficiency and sophistication.

Elegance in Logistics: Unveiling Our Coastal Marvel

Our performance is a symphony of innovation, embracing e-tariffs, e-Proforma, e-Payment, online Export SB declaration, and Import Receiving. Redundancies vanish, efficiency soars, and your logistics experience transforms into a masterpiece of grace and efficiency. Join us and elevate your cargo journey to new heights.

  • Swift evacuation from the port with real-time updates, optimizing your time for business planning.
  • World-class container stuffing and transportation through meticulous scheduling and timelines.
  • Ensuring safe transport and storage of hazardous materials with precision and high safety standards.

Ashte Logistics: Redefining Logistics Excellence

Ashte Logistics, your gateway to precision, security, and efficiency, redefining the art of cargo handling. Experience the future of logistics with us.

Experience logistics excellence with our state-of-the-art Container Freight Station (CFS) in Ashte Village, Panvel, near Jawaharlal Nehru Port. Our upto 90,000 sq.mts. facility, manned by over 100 trained experts, offers seamless services, a dedicated Customer Service Cell, and top-notch equipment. Trust us for precision, security, and efficiency that redefine the logistics landscape. Ashte Logistics – where logistics becomes an art form.

"Why Partner with Us"

"Why Partner with Us"

Import Warehouse:  Our Import Warehouse is meticulously designed to handle imported goods with precision, ensuring efficient logistics for your incoming cargo.
Export Warehouse:  Our Export Warehouse is your gateway to seamless export operations, offering a well-organized space to streamline your shipping processes.
01 no Forklifts (10 tons):  With a heavy lifting capacity of 10 tons, our forklift is your powerhouse for efficiently handling large and heavy cargo.
02 nos Hydra (12 tons):  Our two versatile hydra units, each capable of handling 12 tons, offer exceptional flexibility in material handling tasks.
06 nos Forklifts (3 Tons):  Our fleet of six 3-ton forklifts provides agility and precision for various handling needs.
Container Yard for Loaded Containers:  Our organized container yard is designed for the efficient storage of loaded containers, optimizing your supply chain.
Tank and Empty Containers Yard:  We handle tanks and empty containers with care, providing a safe and organized space for storage.
01 no Heavy Lift Crane (100 tons):  Our heavy-duty crane with a lifting capacity of 100 tons is your reliable partner for handling challenging lifts.
Development of Yard and Warehouse Is Under Progress:  We are continuously improving our yard and warehouse facilities to enhance our services and meet evolving logistics demands.
Special Features:  Our offerings include a 5-ton forklift and an extensive trailer fleet, ensuring we have the right tools to meet your specific logistics requirements.
01 no Forklift 5 Ton:  Our 5-ton forklift is a specialized and versatile asset for various handling tasks, ensuring efficiency in cargo operations.
50 nos Trailers (Owned) + 200 Trailers Hire:  With our extensive fleet of 50 owned trailers and access to 200 more for hire, we have the capacity to meet your transportation needs efficiently and reliably.

Most Advanced RFID Technology for Real-time Container Location Tracking: Utilizing cutting-edge RFID technology to provide real-time tracking of container locations, ensuring precision in logistics.
Web-based Container E-tracking (Arrival and Scanning Status): Offering convenient web-based tracking for container arrivals and scanning status, enhancing visibility in your supply chain.
Dedicated CCTV Station for 24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring: Ensuring round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of the entire CFS premises to prevent security breaches.
Implementation of Latest Information Technology: Leveraging the latest IT solutions for enhanced customer support, including e-invoice and e-payment options.
Dedicated Trailers for Smooth Container Removal: Utilizing dedicated trailers to ensure timely and efficient removal of containers from the port to the CFS.
Reefer Plug-in Points (50 nos) for Refrigerated Cargo: Providing 50 dedicated reefer plug-in points for the handling and storage of temperature-sensitive refrigerator cargo.
Dedicated Customer-friendly Help Desk: Offering a customer-friendly help desk for quick query resolution and excellent customer support.
Smoke Detection, Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System in Warehouse: Ensuring safety with smoke detection, fire alarms, and a sprinkler system within the warehouse.
HAZMAT Coordinator for Handling Hazardous Commodities: Expert HAZMAT coordinator for safe and compliant handling of hazardous commodities.
High-capacity Generators for Uninterrupted Power Supply: Guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply with high-capacity generators.
Auto System Reporting with Container Status and Stocks: Enabling automated system reporting for real-time container status and stock updates.
Hygienic Canteen Facility within CFS Complex: Providing a hygienic canteen facility within the CFS complex for the convenience of customers.

An Esthetically Designed Office Block: An aesthetically designed office block catering to Customs, Customs Brokers, and surveyors within the CFS complex.
Separate In and Out Gates: Separate entry and exit gates for congestion-free movements and enhanced safety.
Pedestrian Pathways: Pedestrian pathways surrounding the CFS perimeter for the safe movement of customers, visitors, and staff at any time.
High Boundary Wall and Bullet Cameras: A 5-meter high boundary wall with secure fencing and peripheral bullet cameras for additional security.
Strong Room for Valuable Cargo: A strong room available within the CFS warehouse for the storage of valuable and precious cargo.
Additional Services: Services including Fumigation, Lashing, Chocking, Palletization, and Shrink Wrapping are available to meet your cargo needs.

Specialized in Handling Laden ISO Tanks: We specialize in handling laden ISO tanks in our CFS and are equipped to handle emergency repairs of laden tanks 24/7.
Customs Authorized CFS Facility for HAZ Cargo: Our facility is authorized by Customs for the handling and storage of hazardous cargo, including 150 tank containers.
Valid License from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board: We possess a valid license from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for handling hazardous cargo.
Designated Area for HAZ Loaded Containers: We have a designated area within our premises for the safe storage of loaded hazardous containers.
Bund Facility for Temporary Storage: We provide bund facilities within our CFS premises for the temporary storage of hazardous containers in case of leakages.
Member of Mumbai Waste Management Ltd: As a member of Mumbai Waste Management Ltd, we utilize their common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage disposal facility for responsible waste management.
Advanced Fire-Fighting Equipment: Our facility is equipped with advanced and completely automated fire-fighting equipment in warehouses, buildings, and CFS yards areas.
Fire Safety Measures: Our warehouses have sprinklers, smoke detectors, beam detectors, and foam jets for enhanced fire safety.
24x7 CCTV Surveillance: Our entire CFS area and surrounding areas are under 360-degree CCTV surveillance 24x7 with live feed viewing and recording software.
Round-the-Clock Security Personnel: We have round-the-clock security personnel on-site, trained in fire-fighting and evacuation procedures for emergencies.
High-Intensity Lighting: Several boundary peripheral light poles along with 8 high-intensity lighting masts towers enhance security in our CFS premises.
Warehouse Lighting for Safety: Warehouse lighting is installed for added safety and security within our CFS premises.

Successfully Implemented RFID Container Location Tracking: We successfully implemented On-Line Container Location Tracking using RFID technology in 2015.
Exact Real-Time Container Location: Our system provides exact real-time container location in the yard through SMS and web, accessible via GPRS-enabled mobile devices or web browsers.
Real-Time SMS Location Updates: Receive real-time SMS location updates by sending "loc container number" to 56070. For multiple containers, send "loc cont1 cont2 cont3".
CB Real-Time Mobile/Web Access: Enjoy real-time mobile and web access to container location information for your convenience.